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Terra Nova

Dreaming of a home in Portugal?

Terra Nova, a project by Koen Bovée, architect, realises your dream. In collaboration with local architects, he ensures quality in architectural design and durability of materials with respect for Portuguese landscapes, architecture and heritage.

Casa Queimada, Ricardo Bak Gordon

Here are 5 reasons to make Koen your partner in realising your dream home:

Competent architect with excellent reputation

Born and bred in Bruges, Koen studied architecture at St-Lucas Ghent. Over the years he has been involved in multidisciplinary projects, leading its architectural teams, coordinating and being in charge of the creative design process. He is the man to guard over the quality of your building project in Portugal.

Experienced building contractor in Portugal

Koen became fascinated with the Portuguese and their country. He bought a piece of land in Estremadura, in 2010 and built his holiday home there. Therefore he knows what pitfalls to look out for and what parts to concentrate on, when building in Portugal.

Authenticity and durability

Are you interested in building a proper Portuguese house, structurally sound with respect for local traditions and well-integrated spatially, but using your personal style? Then Terra Nova is a sound alternative for property developers who often built without respect for Portuguese building traditions, local architecture or its spatial context. Koen assures a well oriented and affordable home using durable and ecologic materials.

Collaboration with Portuguese architects

Within his project Terra Nova, Koen collaborates with 3 Portuguese architects, fully in tune with his vision about contemporary architecture. This way your house will be perfectly integrated within its southern landscape and Portuguese heritage. Meet the architects:

Complete guidance of the building project

Save time by leaving the coordinating of the building process to Koen. He takes charge and lets you enjoy from a distance, from start to finish.

Contact Koen via koenbovee@skynet.be of +32 475 59 10 15.

Casa Sobral da Lagoa, Ricardo Bak Gordon

Rua do Lagar, Koen Bovée